24 Hours in Montreal with Tera Patrick Pt. 1

Hey Guys,

Amylee here! Today I had the chance to spend the day with the legendary Tera Patrick. Poor Tera, she was still

It was still early for Tera.

sleeping and jet-lagged when I called and woke her at 7am. She was rattled when I told her that Shana would be swinging by to pick her up in the Ferrari in an hour.  She begged me for a little more time to get ready. I told her not to worry since Shana’s always late so she could take her time.  That gave her enough time to have a little breakfast while looking out on the view of Old Montreal from her hotel room and take a nice long bubble bath (if you know what I mean). The thought of Tera covered in bubbles touching herself and caressing her gorgeous huge tits got my little pussy so wet. It must have been so sexy especially since I love girls with tats and Tera looks amazing naked.

Me and Kevin killing time

This left me with a bunch of time to kill before I met up with Tera and the rest of the girls. I took advantage of the extra time with my babe, Kevin 30 seconds. He came into the kitchen and came up to me from behind and snuggled me. I could feel his hard cock against my tight ass. All I could think about was putting his big cock in my mouth. I started by teasing him over his underwear a little but I wanted more so I started stroking his hard shaft and spitting on it. I took his dick deep down my throat and kept spitting on it to keep it nice and wet. Kevin couldn’t take it anymore, he wanted my ass so bad. He took me from behind right there on the kitchen counter. I just loved him pounding me and squeezing my large firm boobs. I was moaning like a little slut. I couldn’t help it I just love feeling his balls slap against my wet pussy.

To make it fair I wanted to do some work so I sat him down on a chair and mounted him in reverse cowgirl. Nothing better than some vigorous exercise to start the day! Now that I was on top and in control I could go as hard and as fast I wanted while he could watch my little round ass bounce up and down. I then turned around so he could have my tits in his face. It got Kevin so hot that he put me on the kitchen table and went wild, the table was the perfect height for him to give it to me hard. From in front and behind I could feel his dick pounding me deep. He finished by shooting a huge load of cum all over my face, my face was covered! I had to go take another shower before I left.

Kream Losing her gun virginity!

It was now time for a crazy day at the shooting range with the girls from the studio.  So I met up with Kream, the Lane Sisters, and our special guest Tera Patrick. Tera really wanted to see Kream shoot because she had never shot a gun before. Tera has a huge leg fetish and couldn’t get over how sexy Kream’s legs were.  We got to shoot a lot of different handguns and rifles. The girls all looked like sexy assassins with their guns in hand. Guns make me nervous even though I can handle them pretty well.  Tera looked super comfortable shooting, I could tell it wasn’t her first time.

It was quite the adventure!

Watch and take a look for yourself!

Amylee xxx

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